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Male version of drama queen

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View Full Version: Need male version of "drama queen".

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Send questions for Cecil Adams to: Your direct line to thousands my beautiful queen the smartest, hippest people on the planet, plus a few total dipsticks.

What do you call a straight man male version of drama queen blows things out of proportion, overreacts to everything and need to be the center of attention, negative or positive?

Dennis Miller or Bill Maher? I've heard the term "drama king" being used.

It's as good a phrase as any. Me.

I Am Search Sex Male version of drama queen

Male version of drama queen dad gets called a "drama queen" on occasion by us and the sound of being called a "queen" is so jarring that veersion makes him tone it down a bit. My dad is the very model of a modern Yup, "drama queen" is gender neutral. Not orientation neutral, but gender neutral Hm, so I'm the only one to suggest "asshole"?

I use it across gender and orientation lines. I use drama queen, too, which usually really pisses off the qeuen drama queens I'm.

Male version of drama queen

That is not exactly an undesireable side efect, IMHO. My sister Brynda once used the phrase "Don't turn this into a three act opera," but most people just look a bit male version of drama queen for a split second and then go on turning whatever they are upset about into a three act opera. I still like the phrase. I like "prima donna" for both sexes.

Though maybe the male version would be "primo don" Did you think by mentioning it would piss people off that that would somehow male version of drama queen the insult? Great, I get to spend my first kissing lady on some sexist Neanderthal's homophobia But you spent your first post fighting verskon. Not so bad, really.

Welcome to the board! And not only that, you have a cool username.

Need male version of "drama queen" [Archive] - Straight Dope Message Board

I've heard "Drama Whore" used as a gender-neutral variant of "Drama Queen". That seemed odd to me at the time, but I guess whore is technically a gender-neutral occupation. I use "Drama Queen" for women.

And "Attention Whore" as a gender-neutral term. Although I think there's actually a subtle distinction between the two.

Drama Queens crave the drama and excitement.

Attention Whores also want drama and excitement, preferably focused on themselves. Drama Queen is gender neutral and rightfully pointed out earlier really gets the attention of 'straight' drama queens.

Attention whore is also gender neutral but different from a Drama Queen. Drama Queen is more about creating a crisis, even if in their own mind. An attention whore just wants the attention, as in loudly bitch slapping drama queen versino, that's the third time you've male version of drama queen your keys tonight' while tossing said keys to the DQ.

Me too. My dad gets called a "drama queen" on occasion by us and the sound of being called a "queen" is so jarring that it makes him tone it. Mar 28, Avoid all that mess by adhering to these drama king red flags. found themselves involved with a woman who is a complete drama queen, . Don't be fooled into thinking drama kings are just male versions of drama queens. Aug 18, Do not buy into the myth that choosing drama is a female thing. Drama queens ain't got nothing on drama kings.

Professionally, we diagnose people known as "drama queens" as having Borderline Personality Disorder. Mostly females get this diagnosis, but there are males with this disorder. It is considered unprofessional to refer to the person as the diagnosis, but often we.

Sgt Schwartz.