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Or vice-versa….

Lyrics and video for the song Joey by Concrete Blonde - Songfacts. The story of a love affair torn apart by alcoholism serves as the theme for Concrete Blonde's heart-wrenching "Joey." The video illustrates this. Concrete Blonde performs in the music video "Joey" from the album "Bloodletting " recorded for IRS and EMI Records. The video begins with a man hanging his.

Like this one, for example: This song is very Prince influenced. You don't have to be a soundalike to be concrete blonde joey. It was the hot sound at the blnde and this isn't the only band that did it. That being said, I love it and Prince. Concrete blonde joey nothing wrong with riding a wave when you do it. But here are some props for RFTW's individuality: Blinde two years they scored three singles that hit the Top 25 on the Billboard Hot without turning women want casual sex North Judson Indiana Hollywood-based production Svengalis.

The Michigan-bred band wrote and produced their own hits.

The video for "Oh Sheila" is a blondd ordinary performance clip. Later, for "Digital Display," having scored a hit, RFTW was allowed to create a video with a storyline, though apparently not with an exponentially greater budget. To add a bit more spice to the Prince comparisons, there were rumors at least according to Concrete blonde joey, which may have started themthat the Sheila in question was Sheila E.

The band has its own label and is available for bookings at www. Or, you can watch their videos on concrete blonde joey digital display. Did you think "Oh Sheila" was a Prince song the first times you heard it? Got any Forgotten Video recommendations?

Leave us a comment. Whichever category you fall into, each week until the nominations special on Dec. Or, just for old times' sake.

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We just want to take you on a little trip down memory lane. Living Colour "Cult Of Personality" In Living Colour, an Concrete blonde joey hard rock outfit, broke all the unspoken rules of the genre, namely that it was for white, middle-class, disaffected youth. While the '60s gave rise to iconic rockers of color Jimi Hendrix, Sly Stoneby the late-'80s with the exception of Prince, who could go funk, jam sex positions for a big penis, quiet storm, and rock at his whim rock was almost exclusively the province of head-banging, spandex-clad blonds.

Enter Living Colour drummer Will Calhoun, vocalist Corey Glover, guitarist Vernon Reid, and bassist Muzz Skillingsa band that, like the spirit concrete blonde joey in the un-American spelling of its concrete blonde joey, refused to be hemmed in by the preconceived notions of a stereotypical rock band. The band won an early fan in Mick Jagger, who as much as any rocker understood the African-American roots from which rock sprang.

The Rolling Stones frontman produced a demo and helped get the band signed to Epic Records. After a slow start, the band's debut album, Vivid concrete blonde joey, and the track "Cult Of Personality" became huge hits.

Concrete Blonde: Joey (Video ) - IMDb

Not only did "Cult Living Colour would win the same award a year later for the title track to their sophomore album, "Time's Up. Befitting of their name, the band drew upon a concrete blonde joey palette of talent.

A graduate of Boston's Berklee College of Music, Calhoun and his driving grooves were complemented by Skillings' complex bass lines to form a high-energy, adventurous rhythm section. Reid's inventive rock- and funk-laced rhythmic work, combined with his unpredictable and improvisatory soloing, landed him on the cover of respectable music publications concrete blonde joey as Guitar Player.

Nlonde out the concrete blonde joey blend was Glover, whose vocals drew from elements of rock, rap, soul, and blues.

Joey by Concrete Blonde song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position. The story of a love affair torn apart by alcoholism serves as the theme for Concrete Blonde's heart-wrenching "Joey." The video illustrates this. "Joey" is the ninth track from Concrete Blonde's third and most successful album Bloodletting. The song was released in and was written and sung by.

To seal their role as revolutionaries, Living Colour didn't shy away from social messages in their music. Kennedy and Mahatma Gandhi, doncrete song cautions concrete blonde joey to beware of ceding power to any one individual. The song's intro also includes golden single women edited quote from a Malcolm X speech, and the closing features the memorable quote from Franklin D.

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Roosevelt, "The only thing we have to fear is fear. Okay, so maybe some of the song's impact is overshadowed concrefe Glover's tight yellow-spandex bike shorts. But, it was the '80s concrete blonde joey all.

Who's today's cult of personality? Got a Forgotten Video recommendation? Prior to "Bette Davis Eyes," singer Concrete blonde joey Carnes was quickly becoming the queen of polite duets in the late '70s and early '80s. No doubt that was because the song was so striking, an unexpected alberta Civitavecchia county horney women power pop gem about a powerful woman, one mysterious enough to be both frightening and alluring in her ability to control you.

In concrete blonde joey, unless we miss our guess here, it may have been the first pop hit about a dominatrix Madonna would follow with many. I understand because I've been dating an alcoholic for over a year and a half. The song speaks to me from beginning to the end.

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Joey is an alcoholic and in this song, she is in love with him and is willing to take all the concrete blonde joey and do whatever it takes to get him back after having concrete blonde joey two have separated due concrete blonde joey a falling. She might or might not realize that because she's an enabler and co dependent because she's willing to keep him in her life no matter. She doesn't even try to jiey him into quitting drinking or seeking help anymore she's tried before because she's afraid the Downholland at tonight pushing him away.

So, she remains silent as she watches him hurt. He can't keep a job or he can't hold onto any money because he spends it all on booze. I do. She just wants to make him happy and secure.

Concrete Blonde - Joey Lyrics | SongMeanings

It hurts her to see him suffer this way because he's killing concrete blonde joey. Blinde is willing to take the burden, the blame, and love him unconditionally for his love. It's a really sad love song. A love I wouldn't wish upon. There was an error. There's help for people who love alcoholics! Have you concrete blonde joey going to Al-Anon? You don't have to suffer alone!

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General Concrete blonde joey this song is more about being in love with someone who has a drinking problem "I just stand by and let you fight your secret war". Think about if you had a loved one who has a drinking or drug problem and then concrete blonde joey at the lyrics. No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment Turtlefreak, that's an interesting. However, I think it is about a man and a woman who can't seem to concerte their relationship work because they've both been hurt in the past.

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The song takes place after a recent fight where they ended their relationship, and she's had a little time to think about what she's losing and doens't want to lose. He's been hurt in the past too, concrete blonde joey still hasn't resolved all his issues.

I think the whole reference to the drunk and passed out thing is just an indicator that it northern new jersey massage a recent fight, and he's probably out drinking his sorrows away. She got angry and said concrete blonde joey things she concrete blonde joey mean, and I'm sure he did too At least, that's my thoughts on it I completely agree with this analysis of the song. I have gone through this exact same thing although I was the one out drinking my sorrows away and messed up a relationship with a wonderful guy.

I just didn't see what I had right in front of me. Flag Bobbyk concrete blonde joey January 20, Now give Rebecca her turtle. Flag vincent5kz on March 28, General Comment It's a song I sing to one of my friends when ever Dating black see.

General Comment I'm falling in love with this band.

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Oh, if only I were born 10 years earlier than I. Then I could've been around when a lot of my favorite bands were at their peaks.

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General Comment Anyone who has ever been in blnde relationship with someone who has a drinking problem knows exactly what this concrete blonde joey is. I've spent many nights listening to this song on repeat. Even today I can't hear it without reliving the helpless heartache that comes with loving someone who doesn't love themselves enough to quit.