Holistic Medicine For Dogs

Have you heard about natural therapies for dogs? This post will tell you about alternative medicine applied to animals. Dogs, like their owners, are aging as time passes and this leads to a deterioration in specific functions of the body. If your dog is small or medium and is ten years old or older or if it is a significant dog and is 7 or older, know that your dog is beginning its old age. Dogs cannot communicate the aches and pains of old age as humans could, so it is essential to take specific steps to provide them with the care they deserve at that stage of their lives. Here is the natural and holistic approach to caring for your dog.

If you go to the acupuncturist, it will not be shocking to tell you that these natural therapies are also useful for dogs and other animals. In fact, they tend to have faster results in them because they do not give as many times as we do and they allow themselves to heal more efficiently. Also, in animals, there is no placebo, the primary crutch of the detractors of this type of therapy. You can contact an online vet to know more about this information.

holistic medicine for dogs

Holistic care for dogs

Acupuncture, floral treatment, oligotherapy, craniosacral osteopathy, on the one hand, to prevent diseases and, on the other, to stop their symptoms if they have already appeared. More and more veterinarians integrate them in their treatments to avoid the side effects of certain conventional medicines and because they have realized that the disease must be treated as an imbalance of the whole organism, not of a single organ. One famous natural treatment is the colloidal silver for dogs

Also because they have more and more in mind the influence of emotions on diseases. It is what is called holistic approach or holistic medicine for dogs, which includes the emotional aspect, feeding, and lifestyle of the animal. Of course, these therapies are often complementary to conventional veterinary treatments. This is a small guide for those who do not have very clear how they can help your hairy.

Natural Remedies

Oligotherapy: It treats to administer orally trace elements (mineral substances like manganese, magnesium, copper, zinc in minimal amount) to favor the correct cellular operation. It is effective, for example, in allergies, osteoarthritis, for the healing of wounds, as a way to regulate blood glucose in case of diabetes and convalescent or geriatric animals.

Acupuncture: This is initially from China, is based on the concept that if the flow of vital energy in the body is balanced, the disease does not occur. It consists of inserting and rotating needles in specific points of the body to tone or disperse the vital energy. It is used to treat allergies, arthritis, lameness, weakness in hind legs, respiratory problems, gastrointestinal problems or in specific organs such as the kidney or heart. It is also very effective in improving the quality of life of older animals or with cancer.

Floral therapy:  It was created by Dr.  Edward Bach in the late 20s to treat emotional problems and their reflection in the form of physical diseases. They help a lot in case of separation anxiety, fears, and phobias, aggression,  etc. because they relax the dog, which will be able to learn new behaviors better. They are instrumental to adapt to traumatic changes such as the separation of the mother, a move, the separation of their owners, the arrival of a baby, etc.

Craniosacral: It is a “listening" technique of tissues through therapeutic massage and in-depth anatomical knowledge. It alleviates, corrects and heals numerous ailments, especially those related to movement such as dysplasia. His approach is that with the passage of time, due to illness or due to accidents, the body loses its primary and original movement, which is the one that provides health and well-being, and the goal is to restore it through the correction of the placement of vertebrae, fascia relaxation, etc.

Reiki: It energetically harmonizes the animal through the energy centers, undoing blockages and causing the energy to flow. It helps to achieve the psychological balance they need in periods of stress (often caused by us), by abuse, by having to stay alone for many hours, etc. It is also very useful when they suffer pain and to accompany them in their last moments.

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